Small Batches, Big Ideas

The brewery incubators at Rocky Mount Mills is a unique brewing location that fosters innovation, collaboration, mentoring and success for your brewing, fermenting or distilling venture.

Partnering with Nash Community College, the incubators offers up-and-coming creators both the academic resources on how to start a brewery through the Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation Degree program and the equipment resources by providing each new incubator individual brewing/fermenting systems to accommodate their beer brewing needs.


Each brewery incubator warehouse space is approximately 650 square feet and comes equipped with 10 bbl two-vessel brewhouse steam fired; 4×10 bbl unitanks; 2x 20 bbl unitanks, producing 1,000 bbls (31,000 gallons). In addition, the beer brewing incubator building offers shared canning and kegging and dry/cold storage.


Starting from scratch or gaining more knowledge, all incubator tenants will have access to everything from an associate’s degree to booster classes. Most of the time, tenants will have their hands full beer brewing and running a business however, having a school in house offers special onsite educational opportunities.

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